When to book a private car instead of driving yourself

Post at 14:28 - 18/10/2022
When to book a private car instead of driving yourself

Today, we are sharing the top five circumstances where you should make this a priority. 

Whether you are an experienced driver who loves to hit the open road or a new driver uncomfortable behind the wheel, there are times when everyone should skip out on driving and book a private service. Today, we are sharing the top five circumstances where you should make this a priority. 

1. When substances are involved
Safe driving is always a priority. There are no "ifs," "ands," or "buts" about safe driving practices. Now, when we say substances, people jump to conclusions.  The most obvious is alcohol. If you are planning a night on the town or even a few drinks with coworkers, you should never drive afterward. 

However, other substances can include medically prescribed drugs. What do we mean here? For example, if you are getting your wisdom teeth pulled, there is a good chance you will go be placed under anesthesia. If you do not have a friend or family member to drive you home after your procedure, you will want to book a driver. All in all, if you know you will be participating in any kind of activity or procedure that might affect your driving, you should always book a private car service. 

2. When you want to interact with riders
Distracted driving is nearly as dangerous as driving under the influence. It can be tempting to take your eyes off the road to look at a friend or answer a question, but that can lead to dangerous consequences. If you know you will be shuttling your friends, family, or teammates around on a city tour or to some event, but you recognize that you will want to chat with them along the way, we recommend booking a private car service. You will be able to laugh, joke, and watch funny cat reels with friends without being a danger on the road.

3. When you want to impress someone
Do you have an important client, an overprotective father-in-law, or an old friend coming to visit? An easy way to impress a guest is by hiring a private car to take care of them. Whether it is simply picking them up from the airport if you cannot, or a whole day service to escort them around the city, a private car adds comfort, style, and that air of "WOW!" 

4. When you’re going someplace new for business or networking
When heading to a new destination, it can be easy to get frustrated navigating unknown roads, attempting to find parking, or potentially getting lost. Add on the stress of a special event where you need to be on time, presentable, and in an excellent mood to socialize, and driving yourself can conflict with your good time. When heading to a conference, stadium, venue, or other new location, we recommend booking a private car so you can get to and from your destination with ease and comfort. 

5. When you’re traveling
Let's be honest; the last thing you want to do when traveling is deal with renting a car, traversing new roads, and trying to look at a map while driving. It can turn your trip into a nightmare quickly! Rather than dealing with all that, booking a private car will ensure your trip is maxed out on fun and convenience. You’ll have local drivers to take on the roads with their intimate knowledge of traffic patterns, parking lots, and backroads to choose when roads get busy. 

They will also provide a unique, insider perspective on where to go, what to do, and what you should avoid. Plus, you never have to worry about bumping elbows with other passengers, losing your bags, or having a stranger sneeze on you. Whether traveling solo, with your significant other, your whole family, or your team, the safety, security, and convenience are worth every penny.