An inimitable luxurious boutique hotel in Egypt ever

Post at 14:28 - 18/10/2022
An inimitable luxurious boutique hotel in Egypt ever

Staying in this hotel will surely furnish you with the experience of greater Egyptian warmth.

Are you going on a trip to Egypt with the kids? So make your trip memorable and comfortable by choosing one of the most luxurious hotels to stay in. Here we will get an insight into the most luxurious boutique hotel in Egypt. In this article, we are presenting you the Le Riad de Charme hotel with an enchanting antique look and out-class services. Staying in this hotel will surely furnish you with the experience of greater Egyptian warmth.

Le Riad Hotel de Charme

Well, capturing insight from the outstanding Ottoman cottages and charismatic architect of Beit El Sehemy, Le Riad Hotel de Charme was established in Cairo in 1968. It is located in the centre of Old Cairo, near Khan el- Khalili Bazaar.  Moreover, out of its 17 luxurious suites, each suit, from the Om Kalthoum suite to the King Farouk suit to the Mamlouky suite, is bejeweled with exciting equipment, precious antiques, and delicate interior decoration. Every corner owns its mesmerizing interior and specific vibes, which is enough to cherish the visitor’s mood. The entire feel of this luxury boutique hotel in Cairo endows vibes about the extraordinary Islamic and Egyptian ethnicity and traditions.

Each item in the hotel is hand-picked, hand-crafted, and locally sourced from its surrounding markets, showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship of local Egyptian artisans and traditional art practices that date back thousands of years. This immense attention to detail, prime location, magical atmosphere, and unparalleled service has made the luxury boutique Hotel Le Riad one of the most sought-after locations for residents and tourists alike. A stay at the luxury boutique Hotel in Cairo Le Riad is one of the most unique and charming experiences available in Cairo. 

In addition to hosting conferences for embassies, Oscar Isaac, Gerard Butler, and Mohamed Diab, the director of Disney's Marvel series Moon Knight, among other notable American actors, the Le Riad hotel also served as a venue for fashion photo shoots.

Oscar Isaac and Mohamed Diab the Director of Disney's Marvel series Moon Knight Series

Gerard Butler


  • Owing mere 17 suits, Le riad Hotel De Charme ensures outclass service and maintenance, thus it guarantees a cherished and unforgettable stay to its visitors.
  • Throughout the premises of the hotel, free Wi-Fi is available.
  • Spacious rooms
  • Provides shopping facility at ease nearby.
  • Highly professional and friendly staff.
  • El- Tekia Tea Lounge offers a special buffet following breakfast, lunch and dinner menu in specific Fatimid style. Also, mouth-watering Egyptian cuisines are hand prepared by professional Egyptian and Indian chefs.

Zeeyara roof top restaurant

  • Zeeyara Roof Top Restaurant provides an opportunity to relish your taste buds with delicious servings while enjoying the ever-green surroundings of Fatimid towns. Enjoying exquisite fine dining while eating delectable traditional Egyptian food that has been expertly prepared using local, fresh ingredients by talented chefs. The rooftop restaurant provides a stunning panoramic view of Old Cairo's winding mediaeval lanes and the Khan el Khalili market
  • This hotel warmly welcomes every guest with its large and airy rooms, antique equipments, decorations and an unforgettable beautiful night.
  • Owing to an extra commission, airport transports are made available for direct bookings.
  • Stay charges range from $260-$285 as per suit of your choice.